An Easter to Remember

An Easter to Remember

The North Pole Celebrates Jesus

It’s springtime in the North Pole! Sophie the squirrel and Gunny the bunny sit with their favorite human, Santa, curious as to what the Big Guy is reading.

The story of the Resurrection inspires Santa to celebrate the first Easter in the North Pole. He creates three magical eggs. As the egg hunt begins, Sophie and Gunny soon learn there is something far more valuable about Easter than chocolate-covered carrots or marshmallows (Sophie’s favorite treat).

Dive into these beautifully illustrated pages to discover how each Easter we can all REMEMBER how much God loves us.

An Easter to Remember features woodland creatures, elves, a seek-and-find, and Remembering Dust! This picture book will offer young children a fun, unique tale where Santa reminds them of The Easter Story.

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A Gift to Remember

A Gift to Remember

What does Santa want you to REMEMBER?

It’s Christmas time and the elves are working as the big day is fast approaching. As Santa finishes reading your special letter, Mrs. Claus asks him what he would give to each child if he could give just ONE gift. Santa decides to make something magical for all the children of the world.

Love Santa? Love Jesus? Dive into these beautifully illustrated pages to discover how each Christmas we can all REMEMBER what’s truly important in life.

A Gift to Remember features Santa, elves, ornaments, a seek-and-find, and magic dust! This picture book will offer young children a fun, relatable story where Santa reminds us about kindness, love and the gift of baby Jesus.

This book was inspired by a 7-year old boy and his unselfish letter to Santa.

“…Merideth Tullous’ A Gift To Remember is a moving and eloquent story that helps children and caregivers alike to remember the Christ child at Christmas. All too often, the rush of getting ready for the holidays and preparing for celebrations with friends and family obscures the reason Christmas is celebrated. The author’s story is both fun and instructive as she encourages kids to remember the things that are important. Ylber Cervadiku’s illustrations are glorious! The North Pole images are brilliantly hued, with detailing that kept me engrossed and studying panel after panel. I especially loved the contrasts of the deep blue North Pole night with the lights, hustle, and bustle of the Toy Factory. Gaze in through those windows, and there are marvels to discover. Besides the toys, there are animals, elves and even shooting stars to follow as one reads this enchanting tale. A Gift To Remember is most highly recommended.” – Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

How could I not give this book 5 stars? The innocence, clear message, and the marrying of things I believe are so special about Christmas have been so refreshing to see in one very simple, yet powerful book that children and read year after year! What an amazing story!” – Amazon Customer

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